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"The Dan Bodanis Big Band is perhaps THE best Big Band I’ve heard in years. With 19 of Canada’s best musicians, and the tight, kick-ass drumming of Dan Bodanis at it’s helm, how could it not be? Plus, he’s got some of the best original charts in existence. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to hear them, don’t miss the chance."
Linda Nash
Jazz Aficionado, Music Industry Veteran

Dan Bodanis Big Band

Dan Bodanis Big Band is a 19-piece professional Jazz band that plays music from the “Great American Songbook.” Otherwise referred to as “Jazz that everyone loves,” when you hear the Dan Bodanis Band you will instantly recognize the songs they play. Whether it’s the music of Frank Sinatra, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, or John Coltrane, the sound is always something you will recognize, enjoy, and always come back to.

Dan Bodanis

After two years of planning, on March 5th 2022, the Dan Bodanis Big Band had its first rehearsal at West Edge Church, with great audio/studio Engineer, Jeff Wesseling recording every arrangement, ‘Live to Pro-Tools’, and the results were inspiring! Every arrangement sounded like a finished recording, and from that point forward, gig requests began pouring in, and rehearsals continued.

The enjoyment and the employment that came as a result were also well ‘catered!’ Tremendous philanthropy and prolonged community support are the hallmarks of a great citizen. Being a man who absolutely loves Big Band Jazz, and a man who has, for the past 24 years, owned the amazing Summit Garden Chinese Restaurant, Mr. Ken Choi, smashed the paradigm of ‘just’ being a man who loves Big Band Jazz. Ken showed up at the first four rehearsals of the 19-member Dan Bodanis Big Band, and provided the band with a VERY LARGE token of his love & appreciation! Ken attended the first rehearsal with enough Dim Sum to cater a large Chinese wedding! The Musicians of the DBBB could not believe what they were seeing, as tray after tray of Dim Sum was gingerly, and oh so deliciously, placed on the tables beside the band. The mid-rehearsal break was just about to begin, and the band was about to be fed. This practice of feeding the band with gourmet Dim Sum has carried on, now to the point where Musicians are beginning to complain… that they don’t get fed this well, at any other rehearsal! Ken has taken the love that each musician has for playing Big Band music, and he has put the ‘icing on the cake,’ (Dim Sum on their Chopsticks?), by driving the enjoyment of DBBB rehearsals to a truly unparalleled level.


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Press Photos

Dan Bodanis, left. Tom Skublics, right. Photos by Michael Willems
Dan Bodanis Big Band. Photo by Cristos Kalangis.
Dan Bodanis. Photo by Michael Willems.
DBBB Brass Section. Photo by Sabian Bodanis.
Saxophone section. Photo by Cristos Kalangis.
Saxophone section. Photo by Sabian Bodanis
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