Stage Plot and Back Line Requirements

Stage Plot

Minimum Stage Size: 30’ x 16’ 
Ideally, 12” to 18” minimum height, with access stairs on either side and back of the stage.

19 Chairs (without ‘arms’)

19 Manhasset Music Stands, complete with Music Stand Lights, for evening/in theatre performances

One Microphone on a boom stand

One Monitor, placed near the Hi Hat Stand (Minimum of two monitors for the Dan Bodanis Big Band)

One Manhassett Conductor Sized Music Stand

Back Line for Dan Bodanis, Drummer/Bandleader

The Drum Kit is to be set up at the front left side of the stage, with one monitor beside the high-hat, complete with all necessary mics, including one mic on a boom stand, for speaking, with an ‘On – Off’ switch.

Please provide a 5 piece Drum Kit, preferably: Yamaha, Gretch, Tama or Sonor.

Please ensure that the sizes of the drums are as follows:

10” x 7” Mounted Tom

12” x 8” Mounted Tom

Both Toms are to be mounted on the Bass Drum (please remember to include the tom mount)

14” x 14” Floor Tom on Legs

20” x 16” Bass Drum with mounting plate for Toms (Also, 18” x 14” or 22” x 16” Bass Drums, with mounts, are ok)

14” x 6” Snare Drum, with an (newer) Ambassador Drum COATED drum head. (No centre dot heads. No clear heads. No Emperor heads)

Hardware: Bass Drum Pedal, Hi Hat Pedal, Snare Drum Stand and 3 Cymbals stands: Preferrably DW 9000 Series or Yamaha Hardware.

Drum Stool: DW 9000 Series Drum Throne.

Please Note: NO DEEP Tom Toms. All Tom Tom Heads should be Ambassador thickness or thinner. No Emperor or Evans Hydraulic Heads.

Cymbal Preferences: Sabian Hand Hammered Cymbals/K Zildjian Jazz Cymbals. To include: 22” Ride Cymbal, 16” Crash Cymbal, 20” Sizzle Cymbal

12” x 8” Rug for Drum Kit

No dry ice or strobe lights are to be used prior to, during, or at the end of DBBB performances.

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